Hi, I’m Helen Scott, the director of Help You Organise Pty. Limited, and I LOVE to organise!

I started the company back in 2011 after being inspired by a book written by Corinne Grant called “Lessons in Letting Go”, in which she described getting her life back on track with some help from a Professional Organiser. I have always had a passion for organising and I did a professional organising training course with one of the top experts in the industry. I’ve worked as a professional organiser ever since.

Organising is the process of bringing order, organisation and structure to an area that is disorganised and/or cluttered. Not many people realise that there are people out there than can help them with this.

Professional Organisers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and we all bring a unique blend of skills and experience to the job. My own background is in nursing, with many years as a registered nurse in emergency units, as well as looking after premature babies. I am a mother of two very energetic children and I know first-hand the challenges of juggling the demands of motherhood and a career.

My clients have often expressed that they feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to get on top of things. The problems seem too big and they don’t know where to start. My approach is compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental.

I’ve helped a wide variety of people over the years, including new mums, young professionals, retirees and small businesses. I am confident that I can help you get organised. Your life can be so much better!

Call me now on 0405 713 990 for a confidential discussion.